Spring! Too early. At least two weeks too early as evidenced by the bustle of the bees and the grape vines at my day job. Daffodils and Crocus are long since up, and the cherries are blooming actively… in February! We have seen pollen on many bee legs for the last three weeks. It will most certainly be an interesting growing season.

Early spring has found us cleaning out dead hives, checking on thriving ones, finally finishing our honey processing, and hosting basic bee keeping classes. I can’t believe I’m going to say it but, we actually could have used an extra two weeks of winter to catch our breath before bee season. However, here we are. Our dog, Polly, is completely happy with the early spring, as it means that not only does she get more time outside, but her feet need less wiping before she comes in!

We have our first retail honey customer! Immortal Pie & Larder in Portland, Oregon placed an order for twelve, eight-ounce jars of Bee Thinking honey. The order kept me busy conceiving of initial packaging, and sourcing jars. I am very happy with how it they turned out, as I came up with something eye catching. (I know our customers will be happy when the taste the delicious honey sourced from our hives, all located on organic sites and from foundationless hives. As you can see, I’m very proud of our bees, hives and honey!)

[readon1 url="http://immortalpie.blogspot.com"]Visit Immortal Pie and Larder[/readon1]

Honey Sold to Immortal Pie Company

Matt has spent a lot of time building out the store portion of our website. In addition to Top Bar and Warre hives, we are now selling smokers, jackets, hive tools and other bee keeping basics making us a one stop shop for foundationless beekeeping supplies![readon1 url="/store"]Visit the Store[/readon1]

Despite the needs and activity of spring knocking on our doors, I know Matt and I could most certainly use a long, quiet, private and very relaxing vacation…


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